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CSR decoder

What is a CSR?

A Certificate Signing Request is a block of encoded text that contains information about your business, and an SSL public key. Your CSR will be sent to each person requesting access to your website with a secure connection. Yet once it is created, the text is encoded. This means you can no longer read what is written inside. You can choose here which Root Certificate to download according to your CA.

Since certificate authorities use the information in CSRs to create certificates, you need to make sure that your CSR has the right information inside. To check this, you can use a CSR Decoder. This small programme will decode the CSR and tell you exactly what information is contained inside. If you see any mistakes in your CSR when using the Decoder, you will have to create a new one. Your CSR should start with:


Decode CSR

Certificate Decoder

Certificate decoder?

Use this Certificate Decoder to decode your PEM encoded SSL certificate and verify that it contains the correct information. A PEM encoded certificate is a block of encoded text that contains all of the certificate information and public key. Another simple way to view the information in a certificate on a Windows machine is to just double-click the certificate file.

You can use this certificate viewer by simply pasting the text of your certificate into the box and the Certificate Decoder will do the rest. Your certificate should start with:

"-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and end with "-----END CERTIFICATE-----"

Decode Certificate

SSL Checker

SSL Checker?

SSL Checker will help you diagnose problems with your SSL certificate installation. You can verify the SSL certificate on your web server to make sure it is correctly installed, valid, trusted and doesn't give any errors to any of your users. To use the SSL Checker, simply enter your server's hostname (must be public) in the box below and click the Check SSL button.

If you need an SSL certificate, check out the SSL Wizard.

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